Dec 03, 2018

3Q 2018 Echelon Partners LP Investor Letter

The purpose of this communication is to provide the latest quarterly update on the Echelon Partners portfolio, and second, to make you aware of our plans moving forward.  We expect this update will not come as a surprise given the issues we have faced both structurally and fundamentally as a fund in 2018. However, it is certainly a disappointing near-term outcome as we expected to report a better set of options and results at this point.

Sep 14, 2018

2Q 2018 Echelon Partners LP Investor Letter

Global equity markets remained volatile in the second quarter as the market digested protectionist global trade policies and the effects of a strengthening dollar. US equity markets moved higher, finishing the quarter +3.6%, +2.5% YTD, as positive employment data and strong earnings momentum outweighed the negative US-China trade sentiment and a hawkish fed outlook. While most developed markets moved higher on the quarter, emerging markets saw a significant pullback, down (9.7%) during the quarter, now down (7.4%) YTD. Echelon Partners finished the quarter (1.0%), slightly lower than the flat global hedge fund index (+0.2%) with the fund now down (6.3%) YTD.

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